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Looking for correct score predictions from today’s games? Find football tips here and see how to hit the exact score today.

Attention: If you are going to make multiples, take the guesses of the correct score as a form of recreational betting, that is, if you are going to bet on this type of bet, always try to bet with very low values ​​from the bank, as hitting the game score exactly is very difficult and the chances of getting it right are below 15%.

Taking only the matches that you have more knowledge of both teams and championships and making the entries in live, the hit rate can be much more interesting, as long as you use a bookmaker that has the cash out button (close bet) , because staying until the end of the game exposed in the correct result is very difficult to remain, not least because the prices for this market are high and therefore there is no need to stay until the end of the game to obtain an interesting profit.

As a gift we leave you guesses with total goals as well.

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