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How do you win football predictions?

Looking to know how to get football predictions right ? See in this complete guide the step-by-step guide on how to get the predictions right in football games, have a good hit rate and be really profitable in sports betting.

Step 1: Specialize in a market

No gambler in the world is good at all!

The first step to be more assertive in football predictions is to become a market specialist, that is, dominate the market so that you know the best leagues, the best teams, the worst defenses, the best attacks and several other factors that favor your method of analysis before choosing your bets.

It is very common for beginner and intermediate bettors to only bet on the favorites market, but they do not have any method of in-depth analysis, that is, they have a shallow look at the quotes and those with low odds make multiples thinking that it is guaranteed that that team will win the I only play because the odds are very low and be what God wants!

And that’s not how it works, as quotes don’t mean much, meaning favorites don’t always win, so quotes are the last thing to watch.

Step 2: Analyze only games in your specialist market

Have you become an expert in a market? Now you are good at what you do!

The second step now is to analyze the games that have the highest odds for the market you specialize in. Now it’s easier to analyze the games and you won’t be lost not knowing what to do the next day of the games, that is, by becoming an expert in a market you will already know what to analyze and you won’t be randomly looking for games that don’t fit with your method.

For example: If you specialize in the market of both brands, you will analyze which are the best games for the next day for this market and with that you should already know which are the best championships for this market and then you will select the best teams within of this championship that have more games beating the market of both scores, that is, you will analyze the teams within this league that suffer and concede goals more often.

And so it serves as an example for other markets, what you should do to facilitate your analysis is to determine good criteria that favor your market and thus you will be much more successful when placing your bets.

Step 3: Analyze the 2 teams

The third step now is to analyze the 2 teams.

As in step 2, analyzing the games and championships that have the most potential to beat your market is important, analyzing now the 2 teams is even more important.

For example: If you analyze a team that often takes and concedes with goals and you know that the games of this team have potential for the market of both scores, you should also analyze the opponent to see if it has the same characteristic, because often a A good team from both scores plays against a team with a very solid defense where they concede very few goals or with a very poor attack where they rarely score and ends up making it difficult to beat the market most of the time since only one team has this characteristic of play. , so analyze the 2 sides and see if the 2 fit well for the scenario of both marks so that your hit rate in the long run will be interesting.

An important tip is also to check if the teams will play with relevant embezzlements that could be missed and end up harming your analysis as well.

And so it serves as an example for any other market. Always look for favorable scenarios and determine criteria to analyze the market with much more precision!

Step 4: The fewer games the better

Too many hits is wonderful, too many misses is disastrous!

Beginning gamblers especially end up being very thirsty for the pot where they want to make thousands of games daily to place their bets and keep the addiction! When everything hits the day everything is wonderful but when nothing goes right it is totally disastrous making your emotional shake easily!

That way there’s only one way to end the month: breaking the bank and making deposits after infinite deposits handing over money to the bookies!

The fifth step is to work with a few daily games, where these same games are favorable to your betting method, that is, separate the games that fit your techniques a day before and forget about the other games that are going on around the world.

The profitable bettor focuses on QUALITY ! Never in QUANTITY !

Remember: betting has equal risks, that is, if you want to win a lot of money fast and easy, keep in mind that at the same speed you also have the risk of losing everything.

The profitable bettor focuses on the LONG TERM ! Never in the SHORT TERM ! If you want to get rich quick, keep playing at Mega-Sena which is much better.

Step 5: Bet with value

Getting several predictions right is right, being profitable is for few!

Surely you have already seen in sports news that 97% of bettors worldwide lose money to bookmakers and only 3% are profitable in the long run and this is due to the fact that almost all bettors in the world bet worthless , that is, to place bets that consistently pay off in the long run and never in the short run.

Beginning gamblers often think that hitting multiple games is synonymous with profitability, which in fact it isn’t! To consistently profit, you need to bet with value, whether in the quotes or in the game scenarios, whether they are favorable or not, that is, it is not because the price is high that the bet has value, quite the contrary, you have to check whether the behavior the game is suitable for the price the house is offering you and so this bet will have value in the long run.

Step 6: Have bankroll management

Take care of your bank as if it were your company!

It is common for bettors who are starting to have no idea of ​​how much he should bet according to the money he has in his bankroll.

Bankroll management is nothing more than practical to control your investments and that’s why we have prepared a complete article on how to make a good bankroll management in sports betting where we teach both the step by step how to do it and the importance of managing your bankroll.

We won’t always hit the right guess

Keep in mind that even studying and being an expert in the market, it will be impossible to get 100% of the bets placed right because it doesn’t exist! The important thing is to have a good percentage of hits along with quotes that will give you profit even if you have a certain margin of error.

Avoid making too many multiple bets all the time

The biggest illusion of beginner gamblers is to think that multiples will make you rich and quite the contrary, they are the types of bets that make you lose real money the most.

When this type of bet is right, it gives you a feeling that will make you win a lot of money since you hit a very high price, but you have to rely on exaggerated luck every day to not have a big loss since the hit rate is also very high. low and for that reason bettors end up breaking the bank even before hitting a multiple.

That’s why this type of combined bets is recommended to be made only as recreational bets, where you should use values ​​that won’t affect your emotional when it isn’t hit.

How many times have you heard and heard the phrase: What a pity I was only for one team!

Well, daily we hear this recurring phrase in our midst where we see bettors losing more and more money and if you don’t change your attitude you won’t change your results in sports betting either!

If you liked this article share it with your betting friend who will surely be changing the mindset and consequently the way of seeing sports betting in a different way!

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