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How to win at Bet365

Looking for tips on how to win at bet365 ? Find here the best tricks and tips to earn money at Bet365.

Want to discover all the tricks to earn money at bet365? Read this article and see the best tips, strategies and what to avoid and fix to become victorious in the long run by betting on football at bet365.

If you have just started at bet365 and are looking for tips and strategies to keep your betting consistent, then this article is certainly for you.

We have divided this article into 3 parts, they are:

1. Bankroll management (most important)
2. Strategies to earn more often
3. What to avoid and/or correct

bank management

Read our bankroll management articles. See here also how do you win football predictions .

Strategies to win frequently

1. Focus on 1 market ! Be it goals market, corner kicks, Asian handicap, it doesn’t matter! Focus on just 1 such market in your main bets.

2. Bet on a maximum of 1 to 4 games per bet. Use average odds from 1.80 to 2.20 whether in a double, triple, quad or single (single) combination. The fewer games in a bet, the more chance of profiting in the long run.

3. Before starting to invest in any betting market, first analyze the characteristic of the championship .

4. Betting on the above goal market on games of teams with weak defense or teams with very strong attacks playing against weak defense . We will find teams with very strong attacks that will sometimes play against weaker teams, but with strong defense and that take few goals per game, so avoid betting on higher goals in these games just because one team is favorite.

5. Betting on the below goals market only on teams that have a strong defensive system or a weak offensive system , ie those that rarely concede many goals or score.

6. Betting in the win market against teams that come from a bad streak in the league with multiple losses in a row and on teams that come from a big streak in the championships, usually the teams at the top of the table. Avoid betting on the winning market for middle teams.

7. Betting more often on the market above 1.5 goals in championships that have a minimum rate of 70% of their matches where they are above 1.5 goals and an average of goals close to or above 2.5 goals per match . After analyzing the championship, analyze the teams from these leagues that beat the most over 1.5 goals.

8. Bet more often on the market above 2.5 goals and both score in championships that have a minimum rate of 60% of their games where they are over 2.5 goals , a minimum rate of 55% where both teams score (both score) and a goal average close to or greater than 3.0 goals per game . The more balance between these 3 factors, the more accurate it is to get most games right.

9. Betting more often on the market below 3.5 goals in championships that have a rate above only 30% of their games above 3.5 goals and below 55% in both scores, ie if 30% of their games are above of 3.5 then 70% of the matches are below 3.5 goals , and if they are below 55% of both scores it means that half or less than half of the matches in these leagues both teams score goals in the same game, which makes it easier to hit in the long term in doubles or triples as the vast majority of games do not reach more than 3 goals frequently, for example the Brazilian championships of Serie A and B. After analyzing the championship, analyze the teams in these leagues that have the lowest averages of goals per game.

10. Betting on the double chance or draw market voids bets only on championships with a low goal average and on teams that lose very few times in their competitions .

11. Betting in the home or away market only in championships with a high goal average and in teams that tie very few times in their competitions.

12. Bet on the goal market in the 1st half only in championships with at least 65% of their matches where there is a goal in the first half. After analyzing the championship, analyze which teams in these leagues have at least 70% of their games with a goal in the 1st half.

13. Don’t just get stuck on pre-match bets, explore the live market where you can get the best quotes especially on singles and doubles.

14. Use the end bet option when necessary, either to reduce the loss or guarantee a profit if the bet is risky to wait until the end.

What to avoid and/or fix so you don’t keep losing money at bet365

1. Don’t repeat the same mistake again. Always write down your mistakes!

2. Avoid betting on high-frequency winning markets. Get rid of the football zebras!

3. Don’t bet big without bankroll management. Avoid losing money you can’t lose!

4. Make a maximum bet limit per day. Set a default method for placing your top bets!

5. Don’t single bet (individually) on low odds of 1.10–1.30. Odds 1.10 means you will win 90/100 times or 9/10 times. Low odds don’t help you win 9 times and lose 1, don’t waste time trading or losing money with bookmakers!

6. Don’t try to recoup losses (this will only make you lose more money). Take emotional control and know that in betting you won’t always win!

7. Don’t bet your entire bankroll on a single bet (all in). The gamblers’ biggest mistake!

8. Avoid making multiple bets with more than 4 games every day. Invest in multiples only with money that will not affect your bankroll in terms of very large loss streak.

9. Do not bet on the goals market below in leagues with a high goal average.

10. Do not bet on the above goal market in leagues with a low goal average.

11. If there is no game available on the day that fits your betting method, simply don’t bet!

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